Refund policy

Last updated 12.20.2023
This policy has been developed for users of the website (hereinafter referred to as the Website/Platform) as an appendix to the Terms of Use of the Velesty service, available at: (hereinafter referred to as the User Agreement).
By accepting the terms of the User Agreement, the User accepts and agrees with this Policy. In case of disagreement with this Policy, you must immediately leave the Platform and stop using its functionality.
Provision of services on the Velesty Platform is carried out in Non-stop mode from the moment of payment of the tariff selected by the User, therefore it is impossible to terminate the provision of these services on the initiative of the Administration or the User.
Therefore, by accepting the terms of the User Agreement (Velesty Terms of Service), you acknowledge and agree that all transactions are final, i.e., any Service Fees and/or fees paid in connection with your use of the Platform and any Services are non-refundable. No claims for refunds will be honored. It is therefore your responsibility to carefully check the purpose of the payment (service selection, etc.), payment details and other details regarding the service you have selected when making a payment.